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12 4月 2019

Special 10 years press release FT & IBSA

2019-04-15T09:00:23+02:0012 四月 2019|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Sirs and Madams, we are pleased to share with you our press release concerning FT’s 10th anniversary. This is an important first milestone, which we wanted to remember with a concrete example of synergetic business cooperation. IBSA belongs to those FT Clients that have understood how to effectively employ our distinctive skills, combining together [...]

5 4月 2019


2019-05-14T10:48:30+02:005 四月 2019|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Madams, Dear Sirs, we are glad to announce the latest deal Closing made by Financial Technologies, concerning the disposal of the Swiss company Socoplast SA to the French group Faiveley Plast. The operation is aimed at strengthening the skills of the acquiring party in the field of industrial plastic injection. The acquirer belongs to [...]

20 2月 2019

M&A deals need to be lived, not told

2019-03-18T10:05:37+02:0020 二月 2019|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

M&A deals need to be lived, not told. But let’s do an exception. This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and exceptionally each month Luca and I, as FT Founders, instead of keeping a general speech about FT business we will let our Team do it. Be prepared to read our monthly interview to FT [...]

12 1月 2019

Compliance China

2019-02-26T12:20:39+02:0012 一月 2019|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, attached please find our latest leafleat about the new Chinese compliance. This is a new topic – complex in a certain way – on which Financial Technologies has invested time and competences. Thus, we are able to provide specialized assistance on topics related to such a prominent Asian market.

12 9月 2018

Collaboration with publishing company of AZ Franchising

2018-10-04T17:15:54+02:0012 九月 2018|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, attached please find the article published in July-August 2018 edition of the Italian magazine “AZ Franchising”. Financial Technologies was asked to briefly present the evolution of the Chinese operational framework for what concerns transactions involving Chinese and foreign Parties. This article marks the beginning of a collaboration between Financial Technologies and [...]

11 6月 2018

VIMI Fasteners购买MF INOX公司100%的股权

2018-07-15T08:54:42+02:0011 六月 2018|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

VIMI Fasteners股份公司是全球领先的高度专业化机械固定解决方案供应商,集设计和生产能力于一体,客户多为工业和汽车行业内的大型机械制造商。日前,该公司收购了MF INOX有限责任公司100%股权。MF INOX公司成立于1992年,收购前由Meroni家族持有。 MF INOX和卖方的顾问公司为Financial Technologies S.A.,顾问团队主要由合伙人Daniel Dallinger和首席战略分析师Elisabetta Galli负责。Financial Technologies是一家为客户提供全球并购咨询服务的公司,在瑞士和中国都设有办公室。作为本次卖方的全球咨询顾问,Financial Technologies S.A.为客户在全球范围内寻找合适的买方,并管理协调整个交易和所有谈判工作。