Founding Partner

Born in 1968 in Switzerland, graduated in Finance in the United States with major in Econometrics, today Mr. Olivieri enjoys a consolidated operational expertise both in Corporate Finance and Private Banking. From 2000 to 2007, Mr. Olivieri acts as Responsible of Fiscal Counseling Division of BUC, a Swiss Bank originally belonging to the FIAT Group and then acquired by BSI (Generali Group). From 2007 to 2009, Mr. Olivieri works for UBS Wealth Management division on a pilot project concerning Non Bankable Assets of Entrepreneurial Clients. He enjoys the Official Statement from the Swiss Army concerning Personal Security.

Since September 2009 Gianluca Olivieri acts as Group Managing Partner of Financial Technologies SA.

In his role of Group Managing Partner, Gian Luca Olivieri managed a number of Extraordinary Corporate Transactions within Europe and overseas with Asian Counterparts: plain Enterprise Disposals, Industrial Add-Ons, In-Market Absorptions, Stake participations (both qualified minorities and syndicated Majorities), Capital Fundings, Strategic Partnerships, in a wide number of industries. Gian Luca Olivieri also managed a number of Vendor Due Diligences in favor of selling Parties and Strategic Due Diligences in favor of purchasing Investors. Gian Luca Olivieri also advises public Institutions and academic Institutions in explaining how Asian Counterparts do technically approach strategic Transactions.