Financial Technologies (FT) offers diversified and specific ECT (Extraordinary Corporate Transactions) services, encompassing M&A and Capital Market:

Conventional services:

  • Short Strategic Reviews
  • Advisory in full dismission or sale of single business units
  • Buy In&Outs
  • Strategic advisory on IPOs (Initial Public Offerings)
  • Advisory in infragenerational business transmission
  • Expert fairness opinions about business core values
  • Loan & Borrowing advisory
  • Business Reports
  • Business Due Diligences


Non-conventional services:

  • Commercial partnerships
  • Industrial strategic agreements
  • Strategic business relocations towards Asia
  • Supervision of business development in China
  • Clustering Management in favor of Banking Institutions
  • Purchase pledges


FT acts as Global Advisor along the whole executional timeline, from preliminary activities to Deal closing.

Since the very beginning of its activity, FT acts avoiding all possible conflicts of interest which may jeopardize the Deal or make it less attractive, with the purpose of remarkably reducing execution time and costs, as well as improving quality and convenience of the Deal terms.