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Bilan – Avec le Robo-Advisor, le client y gagne plus que la banque

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are glad to share with you a short interview made to the Management of Financial Technologies and published on the prestigious economic magazine BILAN. This interview is integral part of [...]

26 April 2017|

South China Morning Post – Switzerland Country Report

Dear Madams and Sirs, we are glad to enclose a short article about FT Group published on South China Morning Post and being acknowledged among the Swiss firms representing the so-called "Swissness" in Asia. After [...]

12 April 2017|

Financial Technologies SA (Shanghai) Holdings

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure, we are glad to share with you the information regarding the registration of our Shanghai operational branch with its new legal form: Financial Technologies SA (Shanghai) Holdings. After [...]

27 February 2017|

Institutional acknowledgement: WOFE license

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that Chinese Authorities granted Financial Technologies a WOFE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) business license. Financial Technologies SA (Shanghai) Holdings was born.

20 February 2017|

Who’s buying SMEs?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to share with you the interview made to the Exponents of Financial Technologies and published in January/February 2017 edition of "Ticino Management" magazine.    

10 February 2017|

Agreements with China

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are glad to share with you a short press release about the conference "Financial hub 4.0" organized by LGT Bank (Switzerland) SA on 17th January 2017. Financial Technologies attended the [...]

27 January 2017|

Financial hub 4.0

16 January 2017|

City of Lugano – City of Zhenjiang – A success spread out over time

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with extreme gratification, we are pleased to share with you the results of the development activities planned by the Financial Technologies on behalf of the City of Lugano. Although the Closing date [...]

14 November 2016|

Bilan Luxe – Le retour des aventuriers de la finance

Dear Sirs, we are pleased to share with you an article published on BILAN, the main economic magazine in Romandy (the French-speaking part of western Switzerland), regarding the assistance services evolution toward the Enterprises, where [...]

27 September 2016|


On 22, 23 and 24 September 2016, ECEC China Europe M&A Summit (EUROPE CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS CONVENTION) took place in Campione d’Italia, with the support and organization of Italy-China Foundation and the City Authorities. A huge [...]

22 September 2016|