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Collaboration Agreement

Financial Technologies Lugano SA and Hammer Partners SA together to develop M&A and Capital Market services.

2 October 2020|

The time for action

At the time of action, ECTs (Extraordinary Corporate Transactions) in the M&A and Capital Market fields are valid tools at the service of Enterprises.

1 September 2020|

Private Banking and M&A

Dear Sirs and Madams, in this economy shaken by the need for a profound reorganization, M&A transactions become even more important for the creation of new liquid assets for banks. In this regard, we would [...]

24 June 2020|

Financial Technologies adopts ESG principles

Dear Madams and Sirs, the race toward performance maximization sometimes blurs the general context in which one operates. So-called boundary conditions are often ignored, though they constitute the scenario in which we all operate. It [...]

9 June 2020|

Business Headlight

Sometimes it’s enough to have an indication to readdress the route and avoid loops. Follow the beam of experience.

29 May 2020|

We are here for You

Dear Sirs, the current crisis related to Covid-19 and its consequent economic lockdown will have significant consequences on the national economies of the world. Like every economic crisis, there will be major challenges to overcome [...]

30 April 2020|

The emotional barrier

Dear Madams and Sirs, we are pleased to share with you the latest article published on the business magazine Ticino Management, which saw the contribution of Mr. Daniel Dallinger, Founding Partner of Financial Technologies. The [...]

23 April 2020|

FT “Business Continuity” Management Plan

Dear Madams, dear Sirs, in light of the health emergency situation related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken important measures to safeguard the health of our collaborators, clients, suppliers and partners, which go beyond what [...]

23 March 2020|

Financial Technologies at Piazza Affari

Dear Madams, dear Gentlemen, we are glad to share the interview to the President of Financial Technologies during the television broadcast “Piazza Affari”, aired on RAI on 12 February 2020.

14 February 2020|