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30 Avr 2020

We are here for You

2020-04-30T11:56:41+02:0030 avril 2020|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Sirs, the current crisis related to Covid-19 and its consequent economic lockdown will have significant consequences on the national economies of the world. Like every economic crisis, there will be major challenges to overcome but also tremendous opportunities to seize for Companies. When dealing with a challenge or an opportunity, Financial Technologies believes that [...]

23 Mar 2020

FT « Business Continuity » Management Plan

2020-03-24T14:07:28+01:0023 mars 2020|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Madams, dear Sirs, in light of the health emergency situation related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken important measures to safeguard the health of our collaborators, clients, suppliers and partners, which go beyond what was prescribed by the federal and cantonal authorities. In particular, we have activated a business continuity management plan, allowing our [...]

14 Fév 2020

Financial Technologies at Piazza Affari

2020-02-15T07:08:18+01:0014 février 2020|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Madams, dear Gentlemen, we are glad to share the interview to the President of Financial Technologies during the television broadcast “Piazza Affari”, aired on RAI on 12 February 2020.

8 Fév 2020

La7 – “Omnibus” television broadcast

2020-02-14T17:33:46+01:008 février 2020|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Madams, dear Gentlemen, we are pleased to share an excerpt of the intervention of our top management at Italian television broadcast "Omnibus", broadcasted on La7 on 8 February 2020, and concerning the potential macroeconomic implications of the current health emergency. As a strategic consultant, Financial Technologies also contributes outside Switzerland, and also to international [...]

11 Déc 2019

Deal closed December 2019

2020-04-24T11:57:03+02:0011 décembre 2019|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you about the last closing that took place under the supervision of Financial Technologies with the involvement of its operating units in Lugano and Shanghai. TCL Healthcare Group, the Chinese leading Player in the electrotechnical equipment sector with an annual turnover of USD 16 billion, strengthened its presence in [...]

5 Avr 2019


2019-05-14T10:47:48+02:005 avril 2019|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Madams, Dear Sirs, we are glad to announce the latest deal Closing made by Financial Technologies, concerning the disposal of the Swiss company Socoplast SA to the French group Faiveley Plast. The operation is aimed at strengthening the skills of the acquiring party in the field of industrial plastic injection. The acquirer belongs to [...]