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2 Jul 2018

IBSA’s Brands disposal in favor of Tavola SpA

2 July 2018|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Sirs and Madams, we are pleased to inform about the official Closing of sale by IBSA Institut Biochimique SA and Bouty SpA of the brands "Care for You", "Cerox" and "My Mask", in favour of Tavola SpA. From one hand, through the disposal of these brands IBSA Group intends to concentrate all resources towards [...]

11 Jun 2018

Acquisition of M.F. Inox by VIMI Fasteners

11 June 2018|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Sirs and Ladies, we are pleased to announce the full acquisition of the Italian company MF Inox Srl by VIMI Fasteners SpA, an Italian group enjoying world leadership position in the design and production of highly specialized mechanical fastening solutions. Through the acquisition of MF Inox Srl the Buying party enters the segment of [...]

5 May 2018

Ecofast Italia Srl signs a distribution agreement with Chinese company SEEPSC

5 May 2018|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Ecofast Italia Srl (ECOFAST), an Italian company specialized in developing innovative technologies for shredding and collection of food waste (Food Waste Disposals), both in professional and domestic field, has signed a distribution agreement with the Chinese company Suzhou Enhuanment Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (SEEPSC). Financial Technologies Group, through its operating units based [...]

25 Jan 2018

Le rachat de Scatola del Tempo par ELIX Holding S.A.

25 January 2018|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur, Nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous le communiqué de presse ci-joint. Financial Technologies Group a agit en tant que Global Advisor pour cette transaction. Meilleures salutations.

11 Nov 2017

Equity opening of Eurocolumbus Srl

11 November 2017|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

30 Sep 2017

Future developments of FT in the field of Compliance and Institutional Relations

30 September 2017|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to share with you a new information concerning the future developments of Financial Technologies in the field of Compliance and Institutional Relations.

20 Feb 2017

Institutional acknowledgement: WOFE license

20 February 2017|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that Chinese Authorities granted Financial Technologies a WOFE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) business license. Financial Technologies SA (Shanghai) Holdings was born.

14 Nov 2016

City of Lugano – City of Zhenjiang – A success spread out over time

14 November 2016|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with extreme gratification, we are pleased to share with you the results of the development activities planned by the Financial Technologies on behalf of the City of Lugano. Although the Closing date is considered the achievement reached with the Advisor, Financial Technologies preferes to measure concrete results over time.

22 Sep 2016


22 September 2016|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

Durant trois jours, du 22 au 24 Septembre 2016, l’ECEC (The EUROPE CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS CONVENTION) a tenu un sommet, avec le soutien de la fondation Italie-Chine et les autorités locales de Campione d’Italia, pour débattre des fusions et acquisitions entre la Chine et l’Europe. Un nombre important d’acteurs économiques et d’entrepreneurs chinois résidant dans les [...]

20 Jun 2016

Certificat International de Qualité ISO 9001:2015

20 June 2016|0-blu, 0-In rilievo, News|

C’est avec un immense plaisir que nous vous informons que, quelques jours après le début des opérations de Financial Technologies SA Genève, Financial Technologies a obtenu le Certificat international de Qualité ISO 9001 norme 2015 pour ses processus opérationnels et de gestion. Cette certification nous a été conférée par l'Association Suisse pour les Systèmes de [...]