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23 Apr 2020

The emotional barrier

2020-04-24T11:54:06+02:0023 April 2020|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Madams and Sirs, we are pleased to share with you the latest article published on the business magazine Ticino Management, which saw the contribution of Mr. Daniel Dallinger, Founding Partner of Financial Technologies. The article presents, in a succinct way, the emotional barriers that the Entrepreneur encounters along the pathway of his/her business disposal, [...]

24 Jan 2020

Intervista Corriere del Ticino

2020-01-27T16:43:05+01:0024 January 2020|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Gentili Signore, Egregi Signori, alleghiamo l’intervista ai nostri vertici pubblicata negli scorsi giorni dal Corriere del Ticino. Nonostante l’intervista abbia focalizzato l’attenzione sulle prospettive economiche legate al grande mercato cinese, desideriamo ricordare che Financial Technologies occupa una posizione di rilievo nel panorama della consulenza specialistica anche in relazione al mercato europeo e a quello statunitense, [...]

17 Jan 2020


2020-01-17T19:34:40+01:0017 January 2020|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Madams, dear Sirs, we are glad to announce the entry of Mr Nicolas Cronenberger in the Advisory Board of Financial Technologies SA starting from January 2020. Thanks to Mr Cronenberger’s international career and to his prestigious network of entrepreneurs, his contribution and expertise will be valuable to strengthen the operational activities of Financial Technologies [...]

12 Apr 2019

Special 10 years press release FT & IBSA

2019-04-15T08:59:54+02:0012 April 2019|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

Dear Sirs and Madams, we are pleased to share with you our press release concerning FT’s 10th anniversary. This is an important first milestone, which we wanted to remember with a concrete example of synergetic business cooperation. IBSA belongs to those FT Clients that have understood how to effectively employ our distinctive skills, combining together [...]

20 Feb 2019

M&A deals need to be lived, not told

2019-03-18T10:02:30+01:0020 February 2019|0-giallo, 0-In rilievo, Press Release|

M&A deals need to be lived, not told. But let’s do an exception. This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and exceptionally each month Luca and I, as FT Founders, instead of keeping a general speech about FT business we will let our Team do it. Be prepared to read our monthly interview to FT [...]