FT’s birth

FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES (FT) was born in 2009 with the precise goal of providing premium services to Institutions in those fields where the same were not duly equipped. Such Institutions were initially Swiss Banks, and the original field of intervention was limited to full advisory services in so-called ECT (Extraordinary Corporate Transactions), more easily M&A. Since the very beginning of its activity FT gathered by Clients and Introducing Parties an enthusiastic approval: committing with specific tools to make M&As a possible outcome did prove to be a win-win situation. Even Counterparts started appreciating the distinctive way of Incubating transactions adopted by FT, characterized by a very confidential and customized approach on the profile of the specific parties. FT focused more and more on preparing and conducting M&A processes occurring before so-called transactional services. A successful path year over year allowed FT to become preferential External Qualified Service Provider for a relevant number of Swiss Banks, which realized that allowing a Client to have access to specialized executional services is by far the best way to professionally benefit from the outcome of closing deals without any direct involvement into the process. The punctual engagement of specialized resources was considered by such Institutional Introducing Parties the best and most effective way to keep involvement into the Entrepreneurial world and grant proximity to Entrepreneurial Clients, thus strengthening reciprocal relations over time.


FT establishes its first Chinese RepOffice

FT strengthens over time its international activities, thus focusing on the most complex and core field in M&A: matching the «demand market» for Enterprises with its natural counterpart represented by potential M&A target companies. The more potentially promising market seemed to be by far the Chinese one, but relying on external Business Correspondents (having different approaches and priorities) did quickly proved to be the wrong way, since managing complex transactions requires highly skilled human resources and a constant overview on operations. As a consequence of this circumstance, FT opens a Representative Office in Shanghai to directly manage origination activities and execute deals with Asian business Counterparts in an ever growing network. Shanghai RepOffice represents FT’s first intercontinental direct business presence.


FT fine-tunes its business model

Five years went by to precisely decline a distinctive business model into a successful approach to executional services, with scrupulous attention to relational soft aspects and service quality. FT’s know-how becomes really strong. FT understands that a strong value resides in business intelligence and properly managing complex information, as well as in taking time to deepen complex regulatory issues.


FT establishes its first Swiss Operational Unit

After six years of existence, FT issues its final business format, based on regional operational Unit gathering specialized mandates for ECT Transactions, (both conventional and unconventional) with a special focus on Mediterranean markets. Switzerland and Swissness proved to be a very attractive business hub. The decision to develop FT per specific business Units opens the door to the future profiling of FT as a Group of companies.


FT gets Quality Certification

FT becomes the very first (and still unique) Swiss ECT / M&A Advisor enjoying ISO 9001 Quality Certification under the newest 2015 Revision. This acknowledgement represents for FT Clients an important warranty of Best Practice. FT is also acknowledged by the Certification authority SQS (Swiss Quality System) one of the most innovative Swiss Firms in advisory services.


FT closes Institutional Partnerships in China

FT closes Special Agreements with Governmental bodies controlling Chinese business platforms. FT founds, together with a Governmental Holding, the first Sino-Swiss Business Information and Exchange Center.


FT establishes its second Swiss Operational Unit

FT opens its second Swiss Operational Unit acting as an independent business entity focusing on Business Development from Geneva, the most glamorous Swiss location and one of the most preminent Business Centers in Europe. Purpose of such Operational Unit is developing new business and to satisfy the increasing assistance requests from Swiss Banks on new liquidity events related to Operational companies europewide.


FT transforms its Chinese RepOffice into autonomous WOFE

After four years of direct presence on the Chinese market, FT strongly boosts the «demand market» by transforming its Chinese RepOffice into a well-structured operational Unit, under the form of Chinese Wholly Owned Foreign Entity. Employing highly skilled Chinese personnel allows the WOFE to further develop and strengthen relations with Chinese Public Entities and Investors. The activity immediately proves to be successful, also within the framework enhanced by the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement.


FT gets Swissness authorisation

In its activities, complying 100% with Swissness rules, FT decides to enrich its Institutional image with Swiss flag.